Ellen Duysen

Ellen Duysen has been an avid agricultural community collaborator in her role as a Community Outreach Specialist for the Central States Center for Agricultural Safety and Health (CS-CASH) project. The program is administered within the College of Public Health at the University of Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) in Omaha, Nebraska. She has served this project, funded by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), since its inception in 2011.

Ellen harmonizes all of the Center activities in her roles as the Center and Outreach Coordinator. CS-CASH works to reduce agricultural illness and injury specifically in Nebraska and its neighboring 6 states: Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota. Current CS-CASH research projects include bison, cattle feedlot and immigrant worker safety and health, Ag injury and illness surveillance, hearing loss and respiratory disease prevention, and 14 pilot projects of varying Ag topics.

Other communities benefitting from her talents are the International Society of Agricultural Safety and Health (ISASH) where she served in diverse roles; currently the membership committee. She established a productive partnership with AgriSafe, producing webinars on ATV safety and using electronic monitoring in Ag Educational materials. She developed a booth with a teen model using hearing protection devices to make it interesting to walkers by. The Outreach Core has a special emphasis on vulnerable populations: women, veteran farmers, immigrant workers, and Native Americans.

Ellen has personally authored multiple journal articles and has mentored community researchers in publishing and presenting their projects. She works with pilot project investigators so they can influence their communities in the areas of Ag safety and health. . She communicates through farm shows, radio, newspapers, magazines (Nebraska Farmer, Dakota Farmer, Successful Farming, Crop Watch, and Modern Farmer as samples) and other media about safety and health for the agricultural community. The CS-CASH "Stories Ready to Go" has been well received and has been accessed by local and national media groups.

Ellen and other CS-CASH Outreach team members provide trainings, demonstrations, presentations and consultations. There were 22 oral presentations to agricultural, research and safety and health groups over the past six months. She established and manages the project website, Face book, and Twitter accounts with up-to- date materials for agricultural workers and others interested in Ag safety and health. The CS-CASH website photo-sharing site has proven popular with over 1000 Ag safety and health related photos available for download. There were 431 downloads in this reporting period. These copyright free photos have been used to create educational materials, and PowerPoint's, as a focal point in print media and on agribusiness websites.

Ellen coordinates the Agricultural Medicine Training Courses and Workshops, chairs the monthly calls and prepares the analytics for USagCenters YouTube Channel; contacts, organizes and manages the External Advisory Board for the Center; and works closely with pulmonary researchers in knowledge transfer to the agricultural community. Ellen and team initiated projects working in collaboration with agricultural "citizen scientists" to evaluate new technologies intended to improve the health and safety of workers and developed a crowd-sourcing video contest for the youth with FFA members annually. The US Ag Center YouTube Channel (providing reviewed agricultural safety and health videos in one location) has proven to be a successful endeavor with over 340,000 watch time minutes since its inception. Ellen and a national team administer this Ag Center collaborative.

She generates student excitement about agricultural safety and health via classroom education, work study, conference attendance and invited project roles. She and her team intersect amid the farming community with "Boots on the Ground" at trainings, demonstrations and presentations to rural farmers in the Midwest at FFA events, agribusiness events, health fairs, safety days and farm shows such as Husker Harvest Days held in Wood River, NE each September. These trainings included respiratory fit, hearing conservation, ATV safety with a new ATV safety simulator and training materials, and tractor safety. Trainings took place at farm and ranch shows, agricultural conferences, colleges and at farm and ranch meetings.

Over a six month reporting period there were 69 outreach activities reported by the CS-CASH team. She choreographs the annual project report available to lay people on the NIOSH webpage, in a colorful and interesting style. Coining an agricultural term, Ellen is the "Center Pivot" who "sprinkles" us with her enthusiasm, grit, and rays of sunshine. She is the conduit between the Midwest farming community and the University.