CTR Seminar Series
Date Speaker Location Title
1/12/17 Lynn Johnson, PhD
University of Michigan
MSC 2018 Health Records in the Cloud: Success Requires Both Technical and Cultural Change
Host: Jennifer Larsen, MD
2/13/17 Babu Guda, PhD
Purnima Guda, PhD
Jim McClay, MD
CNS 3030 Accessing Biomedical Informatics Resources for Clinical and Translational Research
3/13/17 Ashok Mudgapalli, PhD
Fang Yu, PhD
CON 2017 Research IT and Biostatistics Resources for Clinical and Translational Research
4/10/17 Ken Saag, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
CNS 3030 Elements of Successful Research Mentoring and where to find funding as Junior Clinical Investigator
Host: Ted Mikuls, MD
5/8/17 Russ Waitman, PhD
Kansas University Medical Center
CON 2018 Building Regional Informatics Capacity for Clinical/Translational and Pragmatic Research through the Greater Plains Collaborative
Host: James McClay, MD