2019 Collaborator of the Year Award Nominees


*Voting closes on October 14, 2019

Srivatsan Kidambi, PhD

“Dr. Kidambi continuously encourages scientific inquiry and values the opinion and insight at every level of the lab. Through the development of personal relationships, genuine concern regarding future aspirations, and utilization of individual creativity, Dr. Kidambi creates vast research opportunities for each lab member. These opportunities ultimately brought significant advancement to the fields of Cancer Biology, Nano-scale Drug Delivery System for Gene Therapy, and Neural and Liver Tissue Engineering, which are fields involved in community health research. Dr. Kidambi is an established investigator who has garnered the appropriate training, experience, enthusiasm, leadership, and necessary resources with his collaborators at within the University of Nebraska system…”

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Krista Fritson, PsyD

“I know Krista through her service, her research, and her teaching here at UNK. I have discovered that there are few people who do more in this university to reach out to work with community health issues than Krista. She works part-time as a clinical psychologist and spends the rest of her full-time job as a faculty member in our Psychology Department. I cannot count the ways Krista has worked with her local community, but I can try my best. Krista is on the Behavioral Health Education Center of Nebraska committee, which seeks to improve access to behavioral health in rural Nebraska. She is part of the local LOSS (Local Outreach to Suicide Survivors) team, and reaches out to so many in our community who had a loved one die by suicide. This is a volunteer program of mental health professionals that brings support to family members…”

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