Community Collaborators Registry

The Great Plains IDeA-CTR Network is committed to improving regional health concerns through activities such as building research infrastructure and supporting Clinical and Translational Research (CTR). Our Network believes that by fostering research collaborations between academic institutions and community partners, we can positively impact our communities in the immediate future. We are a vast network of researchers, clinicians, and educators looking to team up with community-based organizations with a focus on improving community health. Specifically, we are looking for Community Collaborators.

A Community Collaborator is considered any community-based organization, group, or advocate that is dedicated to improving health in their community, supports common goals as outlined in our aims, and is willing to assist in these efforts. While we are interested in collaborating to address most health topics affecting communities, our Community Advisory Board has outlined health topics of particular interest in our Health Priorities List. To help us address these issues, we need input from those in the community to ensure the research and activities that we coordinate is done in an efficient and appropriate manner.

By becoming a Community Collaborator, community-based organizations will be able to contribute to these mutually beneficial outcomes. Community Collaborators can introduce their perspective into the conversation, thus influencing the interaction and level of care in the research process. Collaborators can create opportunities to bring talented and determined researchers into the community to address major health concerns and potentially improve outcomes. And by matching their goals with our resources, Collaborators will be given the opportunity to facilitate a shared learning experience that will provide greater results as a collaboration than as separate efforts. The end result will be a healthier or safer communities.

Are you aware of a potential research collaboration that could address a community concern? The link below will take you to a short survey. Once completed, we will connect with you to search for an opportunity to bridge the gap between our academic partners and your community. Thank you!


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Are you a researcher interested in seeing what organizations are hoping to collaborate? View the most recent survey results here to see how other Community Collaborators have already responded.