Administrative Core
The objective of the Administrative Core is to develop a robust, networked administrative infrastructure to assure the effective functioning of all Key Component Activities (KCAs) and programs. The specific aims of the Administrative Core are to:
  1. Convene an effective Steering Committee to govern all programs, and establish clear policies and procedures, to manage all IDeA-CTR activities under the overall leadership of the PD/PI.
  2. Effectively and reliably communicate and disseminate Great Plains IDeA-CTR programs, resources, and services to all partner institutions.
  3. Create a transparent environment that welcomes input from all participants and programs, incorporate feedback from the Tracking & Evaluation KCA, Internal Advisory Committee (IAC), and External Advisory Committee (EAC); and use their feedback to solve problems, revise goals, and realign resources. We will use a rigorous tracking and evaluation program as well as input from the IAC, EAC, and community to make adjustments in the governance of the Great Plains IDeA-CTR as needed, over time.