Community Engagement & Outreach

The Great Plains IDeA-CTR includes a strong community-engaged research focus.

We developed a number of community-engagement and outreach resources to ensure that the work that we do is relevant and filling needs in rural and underserved areas that our partner universities serve.  For community members interested in participating in research, being part of an advisory board, or just reading about what we are doing, you can go to our projects link that includes a description of our current scholars and projects as well as information on where there are opportunities to get involved. In addition, we are working collaboratively with the University of Nebraska Medical Center Community Engagement Office for community members to access additional resources.

For our CTR investigators and others scientists interested in aging research, we are developing seminars and workshops in partnership with professional development to help to better engage community members and understand and prioritize community concerns that might be addressed with CTR projects. Our previous seminars and workshop resources can be located here.

Finally, the Great Plains CTR Community Advisory Board (CAB) includes 12 members from across the areas that our university serves. The goal of the CAB is to identify and prioritize health concerns in our service area, contribute to reviewing proposed research and scholar applications, and help us get the research findings out to the communities we serve.

Community Advisory Board

UNMC Office of Community Engagement

Professional Development