Early-Career Research Faculty Forum

Welcome to the Early-Career Research Faculty Forum!

The goal of this forum is to provide a highly-interactive avenue by which early-career research faculty throughout the Great Plains IDeA-CTR Network can ask questions regarding hurdles and opportunities that come along when establishing a new research program. As such, the comments section of this forum has been enabled and will be continuously monitored, and you are encouraged to post questions and participate in relevant discussions.

As part of this Early-Career Research Faculty Forum, we will post topics relevant to early-career investigators, including establishing a new clinical-translational research program, finding and creating new collaborations, tips and tricks for writing grants, self-branding, and the like.

In addition, we will occasionally host a speaker who is a mid- to senior-level researcher and an expert on the posted topic. In the weeks prior to the speaker presentation, we will post a short prompt of the topic to be covered, as well as an introduction about the speaker. You are encouraged to post questions and comments regarding the topic of interest, which will be compiled and addressed as part of the presentation. Each presentation will be streamed online, and questions/comments can also be submitted during the presentation for discussion.

We hope that this forum will serve as an outlet by which common questions and concerns that arise in the journey to establishing yourself as a clinical-translational researcher can be addressed by peers and experts throughout the Great Plains.