University of Nebraska Medical Center

Current Awardees

2023 Pilot Grant Awardees

Elizabeth Beam, PhD

"Beam Helmet User needs: Applying Human Factors through Analysis of Failure Modes and Clinical Usability Testing of a Head-Mounted, Flip-Up Powered Air Purifying Respirator Prototype"

Elizabeth Beam
Jennifer Black, PhD

"Mechanistic Studies of UBXN2A-RICTOR-Mtorc2 Axis in Human Colorectal Cancer"

Jennifer Black, PhD
Eric Bredahl, PhD

"Improving the Cardiac Transplant Window: Treatments Derived from Hibernators"

Eric Bredahl
Martin Conda-Sheridan, PhD

"Developing Activators of Cylindrical Proteases as Selective Antichlamydial Agents"

Martin Conda-Sheridan
Christopher D'Angelo, MD

"Mechanisms of Gut Microbial Influence in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia"

Christopher D'Angelo
Steven Gliske, PhD

"Validation Testing of a Novel State of Vigilance Monitor Prototype for Hospitalized Neonates"

Stephen Gliske
Raschelle Hoffman, PhD

"Remotely Improving Physical Activity in Rural Communities: Insight from Key Stakeholders"

Raschelle Hoffman
Yunju Im, PhD

"Incorporating Neighborhood Information in Bayesian High-Dimensional Mediation Analysis"

Yunju Im
Sophie Sophia Jawed-Wessel, PhD

"Abortion Outcomes and Inequities"

Sophia Jawed-Wessel
Tierney Lorenz, PhD

"Desire, Arousal and Heart Disease"

Tierney Lorenz
Karla McGregor, PhD

"The Boys Town - Nelson Mandela School Language and Literacy Partnership"

Karla McGregor
Miguel Matos, MD

"Machine Learning to Predict the Clinical Course of Traumatic Brain Injury"

Miguel Matos
Dongming Peng, PhD

"Adaptive Partition of ECG Diagnosis Using Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Switch Modes"

Dongming Peng
Gwenndolyn Porter, PhD

"Adaptive Partition of ECG Diagnosis Using Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Switch Modes"

Gwenn Porter
Jeffrey Salomon, MD

"Intestinal Eicosanoids are Associated with Increased Systemic Inflammation After Cardiopulmonary Bypass in Congenital Heart Disease which is Mediated by Epithelial Barrier Dysfunction"

Jeffrey Salomon
Kailey Snyder, PhD

"The Feasibility of a Doula-Led Intervention to Prevent Postpartum Depression"

Kailey Snyder
Elizabeth Wellsandt, DPT, PhD

"Movement Pattern Classification Using a Wireless Knee Device after ACL Injury"

Elizabeth Wellsandt