What We Do

The Administrative KCA is the heart of the IDeA-CTR program. This core provides leadership and coordinates the successful day-to-day operations necessary to fulfill its shared vision: shaping a robust infrastructure for advancing clinical and translational science in the Great Plains region.

Our Steering Committee meets on a monthly basis to expertly oversee governance, policy, and procedural issues related to the management of all IDeA research and educational activities and services.

The Administrative KCA also oversees communications, budget management, committee organization and meetings, and the facilitation of innovative collaborations within our network and our communities.

We value transparency and welcome input from all of our partners, community members, and program participants. Our Tracking & Evaluation KCA gathers and provides feedback that further informs ongoing improvement, and we routinely seek guidance from both our Internal and External Advisory Committees to solve problems, revise goals, and realign resources as opportunities arise.


Amanda Fletcher