Seminars and Workshops

The CEO core frequently hosts seminars and workshops related to conducting community-engaged research. These are intended to promote a culture of collaboration among Great Plain IDeA CTR investigators and community members. Past seminars have been taped and made available for anyone who is interested:


Rebecca Lee, Ph.D. “Developing Science and Community Partnerships: Walking a Mile in Each Other’s Shoes.” 10/28/2016


Erika Scott, Ph.D. “Injury Surveillance in Agriculture and Forestry: Chasing the Ambulance to the Hospital.” 12/12/2016


Marc Schenker, MD, MPH. “Immigrant Workers: Where the Hazardous Jobs Are.” 9/8/2017


Temitope Erinosho, PhD. “Nutrition and Physical Activity in Early Care Settings: Building Blocks for a Healthy Head Start.” 10/2/2017


Keyonna King, DRPH, MA. “Engaging Communities and Researchers to Advance Implementation Science and Address Health Disparities.” 9/15/2017


Arielle Deutsch, PhD. “Alcohol Misuse, Intimate Partner Violence, and Alcohol-Exposed Pregnancy in Northern Plains Native Communities: Symptoms, Syndemics, and Systems.” 3/9/2018


Changmin Yan, PhD. Harnessing the Power of Strategic Communication to Improve People’s Quality of Life.” 3/8/2019


Jesse Bell, PhD. “Integrating Climate Science Into Healthcare, Public Health, and Emergency Preparedness.” 11/12/2019


Various Presenters. “2020 Berggren Lecture Series.” 11/9/2020 – 11/12/2020


Various Presenters. “2020 National Dissemination and Implementation Science Highlights.” 1/14/2021