Biomedical Informatics & Cyberinfrastructure

What We Do

Our Biomedical Informatics & Cyberinfrastructure KCA provides support services, develops cutting-edge tools, and offers a rich repository of information technology resources for advancing the conduct of translational science within the Great Plains IDeA-CTR Network. We train investigators and research team members to adopt best-practices when using biomedical data in their projects; promote using informatics and IT tools for engaging successful collaborations across multiple institutions and within rural communities, and; focus on using established and new technologies to improve how translational science is handled.
For a more in-depth look at what we do, check out this video from February, 2017

Our Services

Biomedical Informatics Consulting

Meet with our experts to learn about using the right IT and informatics resources for efficiently and successfully conducting your research. We can help manage all of your administrative and investigative IT needs for your next project, including project management software, IRB-security issues, data sharing procedures for multi-site collaborative groups, and more. We also provide support for biomedical informatics graduate students.

NGS Data Analysis
We offer assistance with analyzing biological data using Next Generation Sequencing methods.Genome assembly and annotation

Array-based and System Biology Data Services
We provide a wide range of tools and techniques for your data needs.

Web Pages and Databases
We can build web pages and searchable databases to help disseminate your research.

Machine Learning and Research
We can help customize programs for data analysis and employ supercomputing techniques.

Grant Support and Consultation
We provide letters of support and help with research planning and implementation.

Other Research-Related IT Support
The open-source bioinformatics tools are freely available to all the Great Plains IDeA-CTR Network members

The licensed bioinformatics tools are available through INBRE support to some participating institutions, but not to all Great Plains IDeA-CTR Network institutions

Please contact Ashok Mudgapalli if you need to gain access to the licensed software or to any other new software that is required for your CTR projects.

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