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The Community Engagement & Outreach Core is always striving to bridge the gap between researchers and communities. We also work to make connections between researchers. Collaborations across fields of study and across organizations can strengthen the design, execution, results of CTR studies. To this end, we are constantly searching for new and more effective ways to bring people together. Researchers hoping to tap into expertise or resources at another institution. A community advocate looking for an investigator to address a health issue. Junior investigators across organizations wanting to collaborate on writing a grant proposal.  These are the relationships we hope to create and nurture.

Below are links to a few resources available to interested parties. The first is a link that grants access to the Great Plains IDeA CTR unit of the Research Nebraska database powered by Pure. Registered IDeA CTR investigators with enough available profile data are listed here. The second link connects you to our membership registration page. Signing up is easy and allows access to a growing number resources within the Great Plains IDeA CTR Network. These resources are available to researchers and community members alike.

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