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What We Do

The Great Plains IDeA-CTR includes a strong community-engaged research focus. We have developed a number of community engagement and outreach resources to ensure that the work that we do is relevant and filling the needs in rural and underserved areas that our partner institutions serve.

Community members can stay up to date with network activities by accessing our event calendar, highlighting events offered by the network including presentations, seminars, and Science Cafes. If you’re interested in participating or learning about the network supported research in our region, view the current Clinical Trials portals. Interested in becoming a part of a community research team? Our CITI Training resource page can help prepare you for the training that will be necessary to engage in research. In addition, we are working collaboratively with the University of Nebraska Medical Center Community Engagement Office for community members to access additional resources.

For our CTR investigators and others scientists interested in community research, we frequently host seminars and workshops in partnership with our Professional Development Core to provide the tools and training that improve community engagement practices and to help researchers understand and prioritize community concerns that might be addressed with CTR projects. Recorded video from our previous seminars and workshops can be located HERE. We continually survey our participating institutions for a listing of Training and Educational tools offered by our partners. Additionally, we intend on promoting and expanding regional Practice-based Research Networks (PBRNs) that work to merge clinical practice with evidence-based research. Our PBRN website can be found HERE. And finally, if you’re a community research looking for a funding opportunity, our Community-Academic Partnership (CAP) Program may be of interest to you. We are always interested in consultations to strengthen the element of community engagement in proposed research. Our contact information is below.

Finally, the Great Plains IDeA CTR Community Advisory Board (CAB) includes representatives from across the area that our network serves. They act as the voice for their respective communities. The goals of the CAB include the identification and prioritization of health concerns in our region, contributing to review process for proposed pilot and scholar applications, and helping us distribute research findings out to the communities they serve. The CAB is also responsible for maintaining and revising the Health Priorities List that will help direct the Great Plains IDeA CTR in making funding decisions for Pilots and Scholars.

Interested in a consultation? We want to collaborate and find out how we can help each other reach our respective goals. Click HERE to see how we can work together.



Keyonna King, DrPH, MA
Director, Community Engagement and Outreach Core

Regina Idoate, PhD

Co-Director, Community Engagement and Outreach Core

Emily Frankel, MPH

Co-Director, Community Engagement and Outreach Core



Emily Frankel, MPH