Great Plains IDeA-CTR Scholar Program

The program helps scholars develop their own career development plan; educate them on grant mechanisms, grantsmanship, CTR principles, and key strategies; provide networking opportunities; and provide funding for pilot studies in a supportive, interdisciplinary environment. The Professional Development KCA builds on the strengths and history of collaborative mentor and CTR education programs among the participating institutions to build a more integrated program of education, training, and career development activities. One of the strengths is a separate resource: UNMC’s Mentored Scholars Program in CTR (MSP-CTR), a graduate program (MS/PhD) launched in 2006 to develop faculty into successful CTR investigators and leaders. This program focuses on developing both an interdisciplinary environment and encouraging interactions to develop a cohesive cohort. One of its signature elements is the two semester graduate CTR Scholar Leadership seminar series focused on key CTR strategies and grantsmanship, conducted in a small group environment, incorporating opportunities to interact with multiple successful CTR investigators. With assigned interdisciplinary mentors, pilot grants to obtain the preliminary data, and an individualized plan for graduate coursework, this program has already successfully launched faculty into successful CTR careers and leadership positions.


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