About the Great Plains Primary Care PBRN

What is a PBRN?

A PBRN is a network of clinicians and investigators dedicated to improving the health of a community by translating research findings into clinical practice. Evidence-based research findings are disseminated through the PBRN to inform and drive clinical care.

Who can benefit from the PBRN?


  • Conduct clinic and community-specific research to improve patient outcomes
  • Collaborate with network investigators who share research interests
  • Implement research findings into clinical practice to improve the health of your patients and the community
  • Professional development opportunities


  • Access to a network of community clinics and providers interested in research collaboration
  • Disease-specific patient registries for recruitment
  • Professional development opportunities

Patients and community members:

  • Participate in research aimed at improving the health and wellbeing of your community
  • Join disease and discipline-specific patient registries

Network benefits include:

  • Learn about new innovations that will improve the care you provide to your patients
  • Participate in professional development and continuing education opportunities
  • Lead quality improvement studies to improve clinic operations and the delivery of care
  • Collaborate with network members on clinical trials and investigator-initiated studies
  • Engage with members through an online forum serving as a sounding board for clinical and research questions