Community-Based Studies in the Great Plains Region

Community-based studies, including Community-based Participatory Research, apply tradition research methods to a community setting for the benefit of a population. As with clinical trials, our Network urges people who have interest or stake in a research topic to participate in community-based studies when appropriate. Dozens of studies are ongoing in the region at any given time and some are actively recruiting. Continued support for or participation in community-based studies provides benefits to both the researcher and the study population.

Clicking the links below will redirect you to the National Institute of Health (NIH) Project Report site listing all current or ongoing community studies in the Great Plains region by state. These studies are organized alphabetically by Principal Investigator. These search results can also be organized by funding source or institution. If any additional news or updates are available for these studies, you can find them by clicking on the “News & More” tab. More information regarding community-based studies can be found below.


Community Studies in Nebraska

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