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Celebrating Research & Innovation Keynote Presentation on October 22, 2019

Trends and Future Directions in Biomedical Informatics

The field of biomedical informatics is rapidly evolving, motivated by efforts to best use biomedical data to answer new scientific inquiries, gain new insights, and improve patient outcomes.  Join a panel of UNMC experts in biomedical informatics who will provide their unique views on the current state of biomedical data analysis and research and how they envision the field evolving in the near future.  Panelists will also field questions from the audience.


Panel members include:

Scott Campbell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Pathology/Microbiology; Senior Director of Research Technologies

Babu Guda, Ph.D., Professor, Genetics, Cell Biology, and Anatomy; Chief Bioinformatics and Research Computing Officer

Purnima Guda, Ph.D., Director, Electronic Health Record Data Access Core

James McClay, M.D., Professor, Emergency Medicine


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BMI is hosting two breakout sessions at the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting on October 23, 2019.

Intelligent Algorithms in Medicine: It’s Not So Simple, John Windle, MD

Dr. Windle’s research in health information systems design and use focuses on efforts to optimize and standardize services for data capture and decision support. While the capabilities of AI and intelligence techniques hold promise, the application within healthcare systems poses unique challenges. This discussion will look at how these new technologies can improve healthcare research and practices.


Access and Use of EHR Data for CTR Research – CRANE (Clinical Research Analysis Environment), W. Scott Campbell, PhD, MBA

Data captured and stored in the electronic health record represents fundamental observation data instrumental to multiple research objectives.  This presentation will review current capabilities of the CRANE data warehouse to support CTR research projects.  Examples of ongoing research efforts will be used for illustration purposes and discussion.  Partner involvement and access to CRANE will be reviewed.


Learn more about the 2019 Annual Scientific Meeting here.



There are currently 11 projects in development directly resulting from CRANE resources. 


Development Projects

Dmitry Oleynikov, MD, FACS Project: Use of i2B2 to Examine General Surgery Outcomes in Rural and Urban Patient Populations: a Big Data Analysis (Poster Download)

Access to primary care physicians and the cost of care continue to be problematic in Nebraska, especially in rural areas of the state. The purpose of this study is to examine clinical and surgical outcomes in rural and urban patient populations using the Informatics for Integrating Biology & the Bedside (i2B2) platform to query data from our hospital electronic health record. Our hypothesis is that social disparities will exist between patients originating from rural and urban locations, despite receiving care in the same academic hospital, and that rural patients will have lower rates of follow-up and compliance. This study will be one of the first uses of Informatics of the i2B2 platform in the context of surgical outcomes with our hospital electronic health record, and will explore the feasibility of using this large database with long-term clinical and surgical outcomes. Information from this study will provide experience and background in order to springboard our study methodology to other medical institutions in the Great Plains Collaborative Network.
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