Community Engagement and Outreach Consultations

We offer a wide range of consultations for Community-Engaged (CE) Clinical and Translational Research. It doesn’t matter if you are new to CE research, if you are looking to increase the level of community engagement in your research, or are an experienced CE investigator looking for help on a grant application or on how best to respond to NIH summary statements—the Community Engagement and Outreach (CEO) Core consultation service is here for you.


The CEO core has expertise in study design, partnership formation, measurement support, and community input/data collection. Our CEO team consists of experienced community-engaged researchers who have successfully secured funding from federal agencies (including NIH & PCORI) with clinical and translational science expertise.


We also offer opportunities to present to our Community Advisory Board (CAB) for feedback on new and developed proposals. CAB members have numerous connections with community members and professionals working in health care organizations.


Even if you are not a supported Pilot or Scholar researcher, the CEO can help formulate an Engagement and Dissemination (E&D) Plan for your project so that you can better understand engagement methodology, how it impacts study success, and how to communicate this with relevant patient, clinical, and community stakeholder groups. These E&D Plans are also intended to allow stakeholders to provide input on project relevance and improve the connection between clinical and translational research activities and the community at large.


Regardless of your topic of interest or level of research experience, the CEO is available to help you in improving the connection between your work and the community. If a goal of your study is to be practical, relevant, and improve the health of communities, a consultation with the CEO Core can assist you. Request a consultation with the CEO using the link above.