D&I Workshop 2018

2018 Dissemination & Implementation Science Workshop:
Key Factors for Developing Strong Grant Proposals

When: August 6th & 7th
Where: UNMC Center for Drug Discovery and Lozier Center for Pharmacy (PDD) Room 2006

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Keynote Speakers:

Russell Glasgow, PhD
Research Professor, Family Medicine
International Leader in Implementation Science
University of Colorado School of Medicine

Edward Ellerbeck, MD
Professor, Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Director, Cancer Control and Population Health, KU Cancer Center
Director, Clinical and Translational Research Education Center, Frontiers CTSA
Kansas University Medical Center

Christie Befort, PhD
Associate Professor, Preventive Medicine and Public Health
Co-Leader, Cancer Control and Population Health Program, KU Cancer Center
Kansas University Medical Center

David Dzewaltowski, PhD
Community Chair and Professor, Department of Health Promotion
University of Nebraska Medical Center

This event is sponsored by: CENTRIC (Center for Patient, Family, and Community Engagement in Chronic Care Management), The Great Plains IDeA-CTR and the College Of Public Health Department of Health Promotion.

One of the roles of the Community Advisory Board and the Community Engagement Core is to help researchers prioritize research questions and plan for the movement of research into practice. Within the walls of academia and the pages of journal articles the movement of research into practice is defined as an important step on the levels of translational research.

What is new for our 2018 workshop?

Based on feedback from the over 70 participants from the 2017 inaugural workshop, the event maintains the core of the purpose of the workshop—how to get Dissemination and Implementation research funded—and we have features and sessions to help you do just that. We have sessions that will appeal to folks new to D&I research as well as for seasoned veterans in the field.

Over the course of the two days, we have panels, breakout sessions, keynotes, and applied talks. After each applied talk, audience members will have specific tools to follow through in their own work. Through the keynotes we will hear from internationally recognized D&I experts on lessons from the field, specifically with rural populations and hot topics in D&I funding—such as how much evidence is needed and adaptations are allowed to evidence-based interventions. The breakout sessions will include one of our key changes: an option to choose an introductory or advanced topic. Funded D&I experts will also share sticking points for D&I grants and review through a panel discussion.

Finally, one of the key new features is an opportunity to receive feedback on a proposal. Two page letters of request are due August 1st. The workshop faculty will review the proposals in advance and provide individualized feedback. There is limited space for this, so make sure you get your letter of request in on time. You can find a link to the form here.

Things to Help you Prep for the 2018 workshop?

We know everyone is busy and have tried to keep introductory materials to the minimum. BUT, if you have time it might be helpful to watch a great 3-minute introductory video developed by Dr. Glasgow’s team in partnership with the University of Washington in St. Louis—on the key ingredients of a successful D&I proposal. https://youtu.be/AAfNTMYolp0 .

We also have a few readings that can give you some background for the workshop. You can find them in this folder. 

There are a number of talks from last year’s workshop that you can scroll down to below to give you a sense of what we worked on last.

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