CTR Seminar Series

Target Audience 
CTR investigators  | Faculty | Researchers | Staff

Educational Objectives
The objective of these presentations is to foster more CTR collaborations and teams, to solve complex problems such as the diseases of aging across the lifespan, which is the initial research focus of the Great Plains IDeA-CTR.

The purpose of these lectures is to develop expertise, share innovative approaches, and disseminate available resources across the consortium.

Continuing Education Credit 
Not available at this time.

Contact Information:
If you have questions for presenters or suggestions for topics, please contact: 
Heather Braddock 
Education Coordinator | Great Plains IDeA-CTR Network |  P: 402.559.9870

Date Speaker Title
12/13/18 Mahbubul Majumder, PhD
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Nebraska Omaha
Data Visualization
10/15/18 Kate Heelan, PhD
FACSM Director of Physical Activity and Wellness (PAW) Lave University of Nebraska Kearney
A Community Approach to Pediatric Obesity Treatment: Kearney Public Schools and Building Healthy Families
09/13/18 Jaime Bland DNP, RN
Chief Executive Officer, NeHII
Kevin Borcher, PharmD
Director, PDMP and NeHII
NeHII Strategic Direction, Population Health Analytics and Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP)
07/09/18 Elmer Bernstam, MD
University of Texas
Precision Medicine Informatics
05/14/18 Paraskevi Farazi, PhD
Development of a Predictive Model to Assess Pancreatic Cancer Risk Using Machine Learning
04/09/18 Kirk Dombrowski, PhD
Social network-based techniques for understanding hard-to-reach populations
03/12/18 Cyrus Desouza
Recruitment and Retention – Art or Science?
02/12/18 Beth DeCarolis New NIH Grant Application Requirements
01/08/18 Jeff Curtis
University of Alabama
Big Data, Small Data, Big Data in the Small and its Integration into Healthcare & Research
12/11/17 Abby Meyer
New Recruitment Techniques
11/13/17 W. Scott Campbell, PhD, MBA
Efforts to link molecular pathology results and anatomic pathology encoding to the EHR for cancer research
10/09/17 Fernando Wilson
Incorporating Economic Evaluation in Clinical & Translational Research
09/25/17 Shinobu, Watanabe-Galloway
Health Status of Great Plains Region: The Roles of Population-Based Health Indicators in Clinical Translational Research
09/11/17 Christopher Wichman
Investigational Design I/II
06/12/17 Ed Ellerbeck
Design and Critique of Grants for Implementation Research
05/08/17 Russ Waitman, PhD
Kansas University Medical Center
Building Regional Informatics Capacity for Clinical/Translational and Pragmatic Research through the Greater Plains Collaborative
04/10/17 Ken Saag, MD
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Elements of Successful Research Mentoring and where to find funding as Junior Clinical Investigator
03/13/17 Ashok Mudgapalli, PhD
Fang Yu, PhD
Research IT and Biostatistics Resources for Clinical and Translational Research
02/13/17 Babu Guda, PhD
Purnima Guda, PhD
Jim McClay, MD
Accessing Biomedical Informatics Resources for Clinical and Translational Research
01/12/17 Lynn Johnson, PhD
University of Michigan
Health Records in the Cloud: Success Requires Both Technical and Cultural Change
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