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  • Researchers, non-researchers and community members are all encouraged to join the Great Plains IDeA-CTR.

Membership Benefits:

  • Learn how to access clinical research resources (Clinical Research Design, Epidemiology and Biostatistics consulting, community engagement consulting, etc.) across all GP IDeA-CTR partner sites.
  • Receive information on funding opportunities.
  • Apply for funding.
  • Belong to a network of colleagues and collaborators with shared research interests.
  • Gain access to educational and training opportunities.

We ask you please to:

  • Collaborate! Work with colleagues across institutions and disciplines. Set-up teams for research.
  • Identify opportunities to mentor early-career investigators.
  • Help us build collaborative research teams around key CTR topics.
  • Identify key CTR research opportunities in your field and community including connections with basic science.
  • Cite the GP IDeA-CTR in presentations and publications.
  • Help track our collaborative progress together based on your publications, presentations, service and awards.
  • Help us to help you! Tell us what resources you need.
  • Provide feedback and suggestions here.
  • Contact the BMI-CE Coordinator if you have difficulty registering.
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